The Alliance For Democracy

A few months ago just before Christmas, The English Democrats announced that they have formed a coalition with some other small insignificant parties.
This was the wiki piece on this alliance of misnomer smaller parties and the slightly bigger English Democrats, Which was then deleted by the people at wiki:

English Democrats and the Alliance for Democracy

The Alliance for Democracy is an Anglo-Christian Democratic Alliance of Political Parties in England, Scotland & Wales, set up to fight the corrupt and incompetent “Traditional” UK Political parties in the 2010 General Election.

The founder members are:-

Christian Party

English Democrats

Jury Team

Popular Alliance

UK First


It is anticipated that the Alliance for Democracy will field 360 Candidates in the 2010 General Election.

Policies to include:-

1/ Withdrawal from the European Union.

2/ English Parliament.…emocracy_(_UK_)

The Alliance for Democracy is an Anglo-Christian Democratic Alliance of political parties in England, Scotland, and Wales, set up to fight the “traditional” UK political parties in the 2010 General Election. Alliance for Democracy was formed following meetings in London on 7 November 2009, and 5 December 2009, with its official Campaign & Manifesto launch scheduled for 6 January 2010. The Alliance intends to campaign for circa 360 seats in the 2010 General Election in Great Britain.

Founding Members

Christian Party

English Democrats

Jury Team

Popular Alliance

UK First Party


Officers of the Alliance

Leader – Sir Paul Judge (Jury Team)

Deputy Leader – George Hargreaves (Christian Party)

Chairman – Petrina Holdsworth (UK First)

Vice Chairman – Elaine Cheeseman (English Democrats)

Treasury Chairman – Carl Faulkner (Veritas)

Policy Chairman – Marcus Thiele (Popular Alliance)

Campaign Manager – Steven Uncles (English Democrats)

Lots of people gave their views on this unholy alliance, the letters from the EDP Chairman, were posted on the
facebook pages of the English Dems, and the new AFD facebook page. They went like this:
Dear All

English Democrats & Alliance for Democracy

As you may have been subject to mis-information with regards to the Alliance for Democracy project, I thought that I would first correct the wildly inaccurate impression that has been given by some. … See More

What has been said is misinformed. At present we are merely in talks about an alliance for the purposes of the 2010 General election. This proposal is mainly about ensuring that some of those parties, which want a referendum on the EU, minimise the risk of standing against each other. We have also insisted that the Alliance signs up to campaigning for an English Parliament.

If the proposal goes ahead then it will not restrict our ability to stand under our own colours as English Democrats nor change our message or policies. The intention is to help – not hinder – our efforts to ‘Put England First!’.

All our Area representatives were consulted in the usual way as members of the NC and this has been discussed and further progress approved at our National Council twice already.

There is also the question regarding the “BBC Rules” for coverge, which looks upon an Alliance of circa 360 Candidates, that has demonstrated support of close to 5% accross England, more favourably then simply the English Democrats national vote alone (currently circa 2%)

I would also like to point out at the AGM (Dartford – September 2009) , that we did discuss our electoral strategy with the General Membership, and I personally announced our intention to stand 120 candidates in the General Election.

This objective (120 Candidates) remains unchanged for the English Democrats and we have currently selected 72. We still need more candidates. (

Of course we will also discuss all aspects of our General Election strategy including this proposal, at spring conference on the 20th February, in Doncaster.

Personally I am motivated by trying to do the best for England and for English interests. The only way to achieve this is to try to work with those who are willing to help us move at least a step or two in the right direction. That is all that this proposal arises from.

Yes there are differences between the parties in the Alliance for Democracy, but it is right and proper that we focus on what we have in common, and what we can agree upon, rather then what we disagree about.

We all do need to keep a sense of perspective and focus on the difficult task which we are trying to achieve of getting England properly and democratically represented in the teeth of Establishment opposition.

Robin Tilbrook

National Party Chairman

English Democrats

According to the AFD, they had already had four meetings by then.
Alliance for Democracy The Fourth Alliance for Democracy meeting will be held in London tommorrw ( Saturday 9 January 2010) ……….. we are geering up !!!!!!

08 January at 12:21

So while the chairman of the English Democrats, was saying one thing, Alliance was saying something else.
Steve Uncles, The man who gloated at a fellow bloggers suicide, apparently set the Alliance up, and was the poster on the Alliance For Democracy facebook page.
Since then the alliance seems to be crumbling the parties in the alliance now consist of just two of the original members, The English Democrats and the Jury Team, with alliance associates named as The Christian Party, and Veritas. What has happened, all of uncles big plans down the drain.
Council members are now:
Alliance Council
Sir Paul Judge

Leader The Jury Team & Alliance for Democracy

Alliance leading spokesman

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman English Democrats & Alliance for Democracy

Elaine Cheeseman

Treasurer English Democrats & Alliance for Democracy

Steve Uncles

Campaign Manager English Democrats & Alliance for Democracy


They have 104 candidates, 12 of which are not English Democrats. All info can be found here.

People have left the EDP because of this alliance, it was still branded with The Christian Party, until the relaunch of the Alliance Website.

My question is this, and hopefully will be others.
What is the point of this alliance? The English Democrats are fielding 92 of the candidates, Jury Team just 2, the rest are made up from Veritas and The Christian party.
Can the EDP go it alone? Or is the lure of Paul Judge’s, money too much for Uncles to say no. Will Uncles do anything for that elusive PPB?

Well the Warrior will await the outcome of this one.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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