Ten reasons why you are an obtuse moron, who should not be in politics.

This post is aimed at a National Council Member and PPC of a party that thinks it will put England first, when all the party does is massage the egos, of the National Council and National Exec of this Nationalist (veiled in racism) Party.

1. You type big words and thinks it makes you look good, when everyone knows your an idiot.

2. You call for the treason act to be re-instated (when it is not abolished, just amended), so you can hang all lefties and people you don’t like.

3. You post pictures of yourself on face book, thinking you look great, when in fact your a moose.

4. You get confused by proper debate, because someone has an opinion that differs from yours you just abuse them.

5. You think that your view of England is the only one and should be followed to the rule.

6. You incite hatred towards other people, if their heritage is different to yours, basically you are a racist.

7. You have a nervous breakdown when PC is used in any context, but use it when it suits.

8. You send out e-mails and messages threatening to sue everyone for defamation if they argue against you, even though you instigate every argument and the name calling.

9. You think you are an Anglo Saxon, but your last name is (self admitted) French origin.

10. You blame all your failures and misguided views on anyone but yourself.

If you can guess who it is and the name of the party please leave the answer in the comment boxes.
Also leave what ever comments you think about the party and the people who front it,and add to the list if you want.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. Well I have no idea who you are talking about – and I get annoyed when I feel that there is a ‘special club’ that ignores and marginalises others.

    And since when does one bad apple condemn everyone in a paty? It sounds rather a particularly nasty personal attack to me – but then, as I said seeing as I apparantly don’t belong to the right club I have no idea what you are talking.

    Either come out and name him or her – or talk of something else

    • Most English nationalists, and English Civic Nationalists, will have come across this person, at one point or another.
      Its a game like a poll, you have to guess who its, and the problem most people follow this fools lead, and if this is the sort of person you want running the country , fair play to you.
      BTW it is my blog , I can talk about what ever I want, I have no affiliation to any party.
      It is not a specialised club, Im English and being English is not part of a club it is a birthright.

  2. Well I call myself an English Nationalist – I support the formation of an English Parliament and being a realists I support a Civic English Nationalism.

    But, you see I really don’t know who you are talking about – and I have found on other sites and other blogs that if you aren’t in the ‘know’ then you obviously aren’t ‘one of us’ – and that annoys me, because I have been a support of the ’cause’ for many years even though my location at the moment makes it difficult for me to engage personally in activities.

    And of course you can cover anything you like on your blog – I certainly intend to do so (and thanks for the kind words) – I just meant that such topics could easily alienate people who feel as I did.

    Happy Valentines Day – or eel season start – take your pick!!

    • Will threaten to sue if I put the name, most have come across this woman,calls herself English lady, but is no lady just a nasty piece of work, shame the party she represents, policies and manifesto are aimed at the English, shame the people running the campaigns and the people that think they are great , are just idiots, that think they know what all English people want.

  3. Okay – if it’s that desperate I shall desist!!

    Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy – and if we cannot create a viable alternative to the incumbents, dissatisfied voters will turn to the BNP in desperation.

    It is as if we are sleep walking towards disaster. *sigh*

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