My England.

Poem I wrote on how I feel about England.
It might be good or it may not, but hopefully it conveys how I feel about England.

My England, the place I was born,
My allegiance forever sworn,
The land from which I will never be torn,
But the plight of England makes me forlorn.

As I watch what happens it makes me sad,
The politicians make me mad,
The leaders who desecrate the land,
Trying to ruin my beautiful England.

They take our livelihood,
And give it to Holyrood,
Take all that we save,
Even when we are in our grave.

Well the people are turning,
And government will be burning,
With the shame that’s deserved,
And our land it will be preserved.

Hang the flags from poles and window sills,
Shout it out from mountains and hills,
Forests, Fields, towns, and the city,
Those fools in government deserve no pity,

The people of England are starting to awake,
And all for our children’s sake,
England will once more have glory,
And herald in a brand new story.

A new leader will arise from our land,
Without the pomposity and marching band,
The only music you will hear,
Is Jerusalem, sung with cheer.

English people make no mistake,
We can never concede or forsake,
Our heritage, history and our plight,
And how we always won that fight.

People are starting to see the mess,
The leaders buckling under stress,
The politicians that stole,
The big deficit hole.

Now is the time to unite,
Bring us back in our fight,
To the England we all need,
With love, passion and no more greed,

Our politicians will listen once more,
To the peoples roar,
We want the same as the rest,
Why should they get all the best.

Equal treatment for everyone,
English law the only one,
Quangoes and PC on the decrease,
And common sense on the increase.

Once more we will be strong,
And all this hopefully wont be long,
Get voting people with all your might,
Give your vote and give it right.

Our land will be great once more,
And will never spiral into folklore,
Strength in numbers, change is in the air,
Our treatment once more will be fair.

So people stop sleeping and snoring,
And let me hear the Lion roaring,
From land to shifting sand,
Put the heart back in England.

England is the land for me,
Mountains rolling into the sea,
Roses in the garden on the rise,
England is my paradise.

And when its all over and I die,
In England’s land I will lie,
And With England I will be,
As in life England was in me.

My home, my land,


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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