Just Some Fun

Seen on a discussion topic on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=97541711484&topic=13008
It is a humorous piece with the overtones from a scene in Blackadder.

There follows a transcript of a recording made by a secret listening device in the Mayor’s office of a northern city:

Voice identified as Mayor: “What can I do Ford? They’ve gone and appointed this bloke who knows what he’s doing – he’ll make me look a right burk.”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “The future’s bright, the future’s red and white.”

Mayor: “I’ve tried to bully him into accepting my man as deputy, but he won’t have it. It’s plain embarrassing Ford!”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “Keep England in your heart Pete. Robin thinks it’s against the law”

Mayor: “But Robin thinks that everything is against the law, and it never bloody is, and we just look more stupid”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “Not left, not right, just English.”

Mayor: “Oh for Christ’s sake shut up Ford, you’re really not helping…..am I still allowed to say “for Christ’s sake”, or is it on the new proscribed list, along with any mention of Kilroy or the banking crisis?”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “It’s all coming together.”

Mayor: “Hell’s bells (if I may say that), will you shut up? That sounds like a mass orgy in a bloody bordello.”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “You stole that line from House of Cards, didn’t you?”

Mayor: “Actually, yes, it’s the closest I ever thought I’d get to politics. Bollocks, I’ll just say I won’t listen to anything the bloke says, and if he comes into the room I’ll run out. Can’t waste any more time on this, I want to get down to William Hill before the 4.30 at Lingfield.”

Respondent known as “Ford”: “If England is united it will never be defeated.”

Mayor: “Will you just piss off please?”

We hope to bring you further transcripts in days to come…..

The name of the page on Facebook is:  Protest against Doncaster’s new Mayor, Peter Davies. What have we done?.

So to deduce from this, people are not happy with the Mayor of Doncaster.
Are the English Democrats all they seem?
Not looking so good  to me after reading the protest page and seeing first hand what the answers from English Democrats and National Council Members.
By all means look for yourself the links on this posting, my advice, look at the discussion topics.


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I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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