Government plan to join forces with…….France???????//

Well Gordy The Clown wants to combine with France, they ran in the war, we have beat them in the past and they still don’t like that the best they had, Napoleon, was beat by us at Waterloo.
BRITAIN’S forces will be unable to fight future wars without relying on the support of FRANCE, the Government warned yesterday.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth admitted we may have to consider greater military ties with our allies – even our historic enemies.

It comes despite France’s refusal to commit troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Ainsworth said the UK must make “tough choices” as this year’s long-awaited review of defence spending officially began.

The green paper was seen as an admission that we can no longer afford our own independent forces, as the Government tackles the £178billion deficit in the public finances.


Sources said measures could include French jets using British aircraft carriers.

Mr Ainsworth said: “We need to rebalance our budget to better reflect our priorities.

“Defence must be more adaptable, able to respond quickly to the changes in the security environment and the character of conflict.

“We must increase co-operation with international partners to deliver defence more effectively and efficiently in order to make the best of our combined resources.”

The green paper – the first stage of the Strategic Defence Review – emphasised that the US remained Britain’s most important ally.

But it claimed in the future the UK would have to look to co-operate more widely with other countries.

It said: “In Europe, the return of France to Nato’s integrated military structures offers an opportunity for even greater co-operation with a key partner across a range of defence activity.”

France’s defence budget in 2008-09 was £28.2billion, with 254,000 military personnel. Britain’s defence budget was £34.1billion – but we had just 187,000 in our armed forces.

The green paper also confirmed the decision to go ahead with the £20billion update of Britain’s Trident nuclear deterrent.

But Mr Ainsworth said the “likelihood” was that the Royal Navy would still get its two planned new aircraft carriers.

He admitted that finances were “constrained” – but said the immediate priority remained the campaign in Afghanistan.

Funding from the Treasury reserve will increase from £3.5billion this year to £5billion next year.

But the paper admitted that the UK “cannot proceed with all the activities and programmes we currently aspire to”.

It also called for legislation requiring periodic defence reviews to respond to evolving threats.

It identified the three most likely as terrorists like al-Qaeda, hostile states, and fragile or failing states.

The paper also warned of the threat of “cyber attack”, as our forces grow more reliant on technology.

It said: “Cyberspace is critical to much of our military effort.

“We have to be able to defend against intelligence-gathering or more malicious activities.”

Some comments from people:
THIS is the day Napoleon and Wellington would never in their worst nightmares have dreamed possible.

The pride of our forces has finally been surrendered with our leaders admitting we can no longer afford to go to war – without going cap in hand to our historic enemies.

The review could not have arrived at a worse time. We are in the deepest recession for years and our forces are in the ninth year of a bloody conflict overseas.

Bob Ainsworth is right to say now is the time for tough decisions.

But it would be a disaster to slice military budgets and surrender our position as a global force.
Rivals since 1066

BRITAIN has had a chequered relationship with France for 1,000 years.

The tone was set in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror invaded, taking the throne after defeating King Harold II in battle.

Gordy may be trying to do something here, but the French will not go into Afghanistan.


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