Taxi drivers to be hunted down.

What a farce, the council leaders must think they have a strong electoral vote behind them to let this happen.

COUNCIL chiefs have declared war on taxi drivers displaying the “English-speaking driver” posters that have sparked a racism row.
They have vowed to punish cabbies who have put up the stickers in their vehicles by suspending them.

But one hackney carriage driver has pledged to defy the ban and challenged the council to give him one good reason why he should take it down.
Darren Busby, pictured above, described the threats as “farcical” and said the stickers were about providing a good service to customers.
Taxi trade representatives, councillors and race campaigners have branded them “racist” and demanded they are removed.

My response to the paper.

People pay their council tax for this, English people getting persecuted for being proud to call themselves after their homeland.
Southampton City Council have a lot to answer to, the people of Southampton should start a petition to stop this act of racism against the English people, the Pakistani, Muslim, Jamaican, Indian, African and many more races that come to this country to get the benefits of state education, NHS, our benefit services, welcome all this when they come here, so they should assimilate into our way of life too, to coincide with their traditions, and ours, and bearing a flag is one of them, a ST George Cross is just not for football, it is the flag of our nation,England our nation, and if you are proud of this and the fact that you are and speak English, you have the right to state this in any way you see fit.
Will the council be telling the migrants, and immigrants to take their flags and pennants out of display in their taxis. Doubtful. Southampton City Council, as an entity you are being racist towards the English. Love to see the Judges face when it is observed that the St George Cross is on the emblem sitting above the Judges head. It has made a mockery of the council, whose leaders are voted in by mainly English people as well as the migrant population of Southampton, bear in mind the English out number any other ethnic background, who vote for your leaders and for the government that run this country. The English are the majority race in England.



About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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  1. If this was a fictional story, it would never get published because it would be regarded as simply beyond belief. Regrettably it is not fiction. You have to ask what is wrong with Southampton council? Don't they realise they look like complete pillocks?

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