Criticism of people in the public eye

Everyone deserves the right to privacy,  unless you live your life in the public eye, this is a first class case of taking the good with the bad, Mr Terry, along with anyone else in the public eye needs to realise, whilst living you life as a celebrity, you will be under the scrutiny of the tabloid press and news based television programs, they are happy to be in the papers etc, but only when it is good press about them, grow up, if you are in a public position like celebrity or politician, you must take the good press with the bad, its your own fault for putting yourself in the spotlight, if you are going to be a hero or heroine, you have to lead a good life, not one that will make you go crying to a judge for a gagging order so you can just do what you like at a whim.

Politicians being representatives of the people should behave well at all times, anything can get you to a point of having to resign, from fraudulent expense claims to cheating on your wife or partner, and if you are an up and coming politician with aspirations of office, your behaviour should be exemplary to a point where people can believe in you and want to vote for you because your morals are better than the opposition. Smaller parties especially need to lead an example in tactics and the way they deal with the public.

Anyway here is a snippet of things to come, people in the limelight will not be able to use the gagging orders to keep their sordid secrets quiet or the way they act under wraps.

John Terry gagging order lifted by High Court

John Terry’s lawyers had secured the injunction last week

An injunction stopping the media from reporting allegations about England football captain John Terry’s private life has been lifted by the High Court.

Mr Justice Tugendhat removed the order, taken out by married Terry, which banned reports about his alleged affair with a Chelsea team-mate’s ex-partner.

An interim order had been granted at a private hearing in London last Friday.

It had banned publication of details of the alleged relationship and barred the use of photographs relating to it.

However, the judge said the information was in “wide circulation amongst those involved in the sport in question, including agents and others, and not just amongst those directly engaged in the sport”.

Justice Tugendhat said he thought Terry’s real concern was the effect on his sponsorship contracts, in which case, payment of damages would be an adequate remedy if he succeeded at trial.

The judge said: “Freedom to live as one chooses is one of the most valuable freedoms, but so is the freedom to criticise”. There has been more prior restraint on freedom of speech in Britain than in any other democratic country in the world
Tom Crone, News of the World

Lawyers for Terry had obtained the injunction a week ago, after learning that the News of the World planned to write about him.

BBC media correspondent Torin Douglas said the existence of these so-called super-injunctions had become more widely known recently.

He said: “Lawyers for the oil trading firm Trafigura stopped a parliamentary question being reported by the Guardian, until its identity became widely known via the Twitter social network.

“This ruling recognises the right of media to report.”

News of the World legal manager Tom Crone welcomed the decision as “a long overdue breath of fresh air and common sense”.

“Over recent years, there has been more prior restraint on freedom of speech in Britain than in any other democratic country in the world,” he said.

“Gagging orders like the one sought by John Terry have been granted to numerous other Premier League footballers and assorted celebrities.”

He said he hoped the ruling would lead to “a fundamental reassessment of our draconian privacy laws”.

A Chelsea spokesman said: “This is a personal matter for John Terry. The club will give John and his family all the support they need in dealing with it.”

Terry, 29, married childhood sweetheart Toni Poole in 2007 and is the father of twins. He is expected to captain England at this summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa.

So beware all budding politicians and celebrities alike, you will not be able to hide your actions with gagging orders, these are now deemed as draconian, and your actions will come back to haunt you.


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