Doncaster 3% council tax reduction

Doncaster Mayor Peter Davies.

A couple of blogs ago I made a statement, that some would think was a bit brash and maybe I had heard it wrong, about the 3% reduction in council tax the Mayor proposes to achieve, well here it is, the evidence to back it up.

Doncaster mayor plans cuts to reduce tax

28 January, 2010

The mayor of embattled Doncaster is proposing a package of savings to cut the borough’s council tax from April by 3%.

Peter Davies plans to pay for the lower tax by £18.1m of efficiencies from within departmental budgets and the remaining budget gap of £3.2m to be funded from £2.5m of unspent balances and non-committed reserves.

Mr Davies plans to cut council tax by 1% on each of the next three years in his term of office on top of the initial 3% tax cut.

He is quoted in the local paper: “The thinking behind these proposals is to reduce the burden of taxation on the people of Doncaster. There’s a lot of waste in the council and it needs to be reviewed.”

 Well this all sounds good, I wouldnt mind if my local council would do this, look further into it Warrior , I says to myself.

A report to the overview and scrutiny management committee on 2 February says savings in the next financial year could mean:

an adult day centre closed

two leisure centres re-located

a rise in school meal prices

parking charges introduced for council staff

a rise in day care fees

staff cut in financial management and school catering 

So maybe it was not such a good idea after all to promise this and pledge to the people this will happen, I am not going to try and put the man down, but will he have the balls to admit he has made a mistake and rectify this silly proposition, before it comes back and bites him on the arse.



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