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With the countdown to the likely end of Gordon Brown’s premiership well under way, the Campaign for an English Parliament today calls on the Prime Minister to take decisive action in order to prevent history from recording him as the most anti-English Prime Minister ever.

Having signed the Scottish Claim of Right 1988, which asserts the sovereign right of the people of Scotland to adopt the governance of their choosing, it is hypocritical of Gordon Brown to deny the people of England the same sovereign right to choose how England should be governed.

St George’s Day on the 23rd April represents an opportunity for Gordon Brown to start making amends. There is massive public support for a national holiday to mark England’s national day, and such a national holiday in England would put the people of England on an equal footing with Gordon Brown’s own constituents in Scotland who enjoy a public holiday on St Andrew’s Day.

On the 23rd April, 2008, Mr Brown declared that “As far as St. George’s day is concerned, it is a matter for public debate on whether this is going to be a holiday.” What has happened to that public debate and why isn’t the Prime Minister leading it? Or does he only do ‘Britishness’? There is still time for Mr Brown to introduce the change this year – and it would a nice pre-election treat for an England weary of politicians who take but never give.

Do you want ST GEORGES DAY to be a bank holiday? If you do join the CEP and get your voice added to the thousands of people who want a better life for the English, Wales have a holiday when its St Davids Day as do Scotland and Ireland, is it not about time we had one too?
We, the English, need to have a parliament that is made up of MP’s who will have the backbone to make the decisions needed to make England a better place for us and our children.
 By campaigning, the CEP, with all the public behind them, they will be able to push the governing Party to give us a parliament of our own , one that would make the lives of English people come in line with the benefits the other nations of the UK have, free prescriptions, free education , better help for the older generation, and lots more.
If more people join the CEP, more voices will be heard, so please join and get others to join by highlighting what they are trying to do for the English peoples.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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