Age of retirement

Equality Commission calls for over-65s to keep working

Some employers encourage people to work beyond 65

People should be allowed to work beyond the age of 65 and with more flexible hours, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has said.

In the UK a worker can see their employment end at 65, even if they do not want to retire.

The commission wants ministers to scrap the retirement age, saying it is out of date and discriminates against people who want to carry on working.

The government has promised a review of the law.

The commission’s deputy chairman Lady Prosser said it made good business sense in a recession to recruit and retain older talent.

Currently, an employer can legally sack a worker when they reach 65. Radical change is what older Britons are telling us needs to happen for them to stay in the workforce

Lady Prosser, Equality and Human Rights Commission deputy chairman

But with the state pension age set to rise to 66 in 2024 and 67 a decade later, the commission says retirement law is outdated and employers should extend flexible working.

In a survey by the commission of 1,500 over-50s, 62% of women and 59% of men said they wanted to continue working beyond pension age.

Two-thirds said they were fit for work and cited job satisfaction and financial necessity as reasons to carry on.

Baroness Prosser said: “Radical change is what older Britons are telling us needs to happen for them to stay in the workforce.

“Britain has experienced a skills exodus during the recession and as the economy recovers we face a very real threat of not having enough workers – a problem that is further exacerbated by the skills lost by many older workers being forced to retire at 65.”

‘I want to carry on’

Some companies, including Asda, already encourage people to continue working after 65.

One employee, Kalpene Acharya, 57, said she wanted to keep earning.

“I would like to work in this environment. If I’m, my health supports that, definitely, I would like to work until 70,” she said.

Andrea Murray from the Equality and Human Rights Commission told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme most of the people surveyed had to keep working for financial reasons.

She said allowing people to stay in employment past the current retirement age would also have health benefits for some and provide a boost to the economy.

“Older workers can put a lot of spending power into the economy and they have existing skills.

“They are not necessarily in the same entry level jobs that younger people are going for, although initiatives are needed for younger people as well,” she said.

However David Yeandle, spokesman for manufacturers’ organisation the Engineering Employers’ Federation (EEF), advised caution and said current government policy on the matter “is working very well”.

He said: “The government should undertake a proper, thorough, evidence-based review rather than make decisions on the basis of just one report.”

Mr Yeandle said EEF members wanted a default retirement age and the right to request to continue working to remain as government policy as it benefited both employers and individuals.

Bloody good idea, the person should be given the choice, if they are good at the job, why get rid of them?
All that will happen is they will give the job to some immigrant or migrant at a reduced rate of wage. Just because the person has advanced in years, should not mean they should be sent home with a handshake, and another job taken away from the English.
All jobs should be offered to the people of England first, or if in any other area of the UK to the local people.
Migration and Immigration might be good for employers, but how is it good for England.
Some Poles I worked with all lived in the same house, shared the bills among 12 of them, saved all their money, went back to Poland when they had saved enough and lived like Kings, yes maybe they paid tax and contributions, but the rest of their money went home, it was not used in this country.
So they did not boost our economy because they was not spending in England.
Give the locals the jobs, you may have to pay a bit more, but in the long run they will be paying back into our economy by buying goods here in our shops, not saving to spend in Poland etc. Food, clothes, rent , bills etc, what is the problem with that, its not diverse enough for the twats in government that sell the population spun out stories and make them believe all the immigration is good for us.

The Department for Work and Pensions said its long-term aim was to “consign fixed retirement ages to the past”.

It said a review of the default retirement age had been brought forward to this year and businesses and individuals were currently providing evidence on the impact of retirement ages.


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