Sarahs Law

Finally, this government is pulling its finger out of the Human Rights Twats arseholes and putting the child before the rights of the pervert.

Today news of the “Sex Offender Alert Scheme”, being extended will be good news to any parents ear. One of my biggest worries as a parent is the fact that these paedophiles rights shadow that of innocent children, whereas they can be released from incarceration and allowed to reintegrate with society close to where children live, with only a watchful eye from police and social services to keep them in check, both of which are services that are vastly overstretched.

‘Sarah’s Law’ sex offender alert scheme may be expanded

Sarah Payne was murdered by a convicted sex offender

Parents across England and Wales could be told about sex offenders who may come into contact with their children.

The government is considering rolling out the scheme, currently being trialled in Southampton, Warwickshire, north Cambridgeshire and Stockton.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson said early results were “extremely encouraging” and the project had protected children.

“Sarah’s Law” was proposed after the murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne by a convicted sex offender 10 years ago.

Sarah was kidnapped and murdered by Roy Whiting in West Sussex in 2000.

‘Encouraging results’

Her mother, Sara, a child protection campaigner, told the News of the World: “In all the long years of campaigning for parents’ rights to keep their children safe from predatory paedophiles, this is the most important development to date.”

Under the measures, families will be able to ask police if someone with access to a child has convictions or has been previously suspected of abuse.

The development of this scheme is a major step forward in our ability to protect children from sex offenders
Alan Johnson
Home Secretary

In the first six months of the trial, which started in September 2008, more than 150 parents made inquiries. Of those, 10 were given relevant information.

The home secretary said: “Protecting children and families from sex offenders is one of my top priorities and the UK already has one of the most robust systems of managing sex offenders in the world.

“The development of this scheme is a major step forward in our ability to protect children from sex offenders.

“Early results are extremely encouraging and the pilot has provided crucial protection for children who might otherwise be at risk.”

He said results from the year-long pilot were still being evaluated and talks with the police and children’s charities would take place before a final decision was made extending the scheme nationally.

American law

Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling said the Conservatives were sympathetic to what the Home Office was trying to achieve.

He said: “If the pilots have worked properly we would be happy to see the scheme extended.”

But Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne called for more information about the schemes to be made available.

He said: “The concern is that this will do nothing for the safety of children and could even lead to an increase in sex offenders.”

Michele Elliott, founder of children’s charity Kidscape, welcomed the move.

“We are absolutely delighted, we have been campaigning for this, we think it’s good for children and it’s about time,” she said.

“It’s interesting that they have chosen to do this now with an election around the corner, it’s a popular thing, but whatever the motivation of the politicians it’s important that parents will now be able to get access to this information.”

The so-called Megan’s Law in the US, which allows the publication of names, addresses and pictures of paedophiles in some states, prompted calls for an equivalent “Sarah’s Law” in the UK.

Sara Payne, who is the government’s Victims Tsar, has been undergoing treatment after complications following brain surgery but is said to have responded well.

Hopefully the Home Secretary will push for this scheme to be installed in all councils and government bodies, and finally parents minds could be eased from the worry of having these predators in their areas and not knowing they are there.


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