Date of next Election leaked.

Bob Ainsworth, you Muppet, what a brilliant deduction on your own behalf to leak the date for the next GE, old Gordo The Clown must love the latest gaff by one of his so called cabinet, made up of the best MP’s in the land.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth ‘leaks’ date of general election

Bob Ainsworth, the Defence Secretary, today appeared to accidentally leak the date of the next general election, indicating that voters will go to the ballot box on May 6.

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Ainsworth said: “I think the British public will wake up and rue the day if they wind up with a Conservative government in charge of this country after May 6.”

The date of the election has not yet been announced, and will be at the discretion of Gordon Brown.

Mr Ainsworth’s apparent indiscretion comes just weeks after Chris Bryant, the Europe Minister, referred to the same date. At a diplomatic meeting to discuss recent international political tensions, he said: “I hope that by the time of the general election on May 6, relations will have improved.”

The latest leak over the timing of the election will raise further suspicions among Conservative strategists that the Prime Minister is leading the Tories to believe that the date will be May 6, only to spring an earlier date on the Opposition designed to wrong-foot David Cameron’s campaign plans.

The speculation over the timing of polling day came amid a row about Britain’s first presidential-style television election debate between the three main political leaders.

It emerged today that both Mr Brown and Mr Cameron have demanded a ban on questions from the floor to prevent being ambushed by rival party members.

Both party leaders want the debate to be conducted with a silent studio audience, which would prevent viewers from asking questions or applauding. The Prime Minister also wants the audience to be comprised of twice as many Labour supporters as Conservative ones in order to reflect the Government’s current majority.

In a separate television interview today, David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, reignited the row over class-war politics by accusing the Conservatives of planning “the biggest redistribution of wealth to the wealthy in two generations”.

He said: “What do they actually stand for? Abolishing inheritance tax, bringing back fox-hunting and isolating ourselves in Europe. That’s not what the country needs. That’s not change. That’s driving with one eye on the rear-view mirror.”

Labour has stressed that it wants to put social mobility and aspiration at the centre of its election message to try to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters than the party’s traditional working-class supporters.

WTF, only Brown could still use a class system, class systems are splitting the country  into pigeon holes, and the truth is this is the 21st century, classes should not be a factor in life and whilst this government keeps taking from my plate and giving it to migrants and immigrants, they will never appeal to the English working  man and woman, simples. First he tries wooing the so called middle class and now the working man and woman, class system disunite a people, get our country out of the quagmire of shit it is in, then they may get my vote, until then I will only vote to get them out.


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