If like me you love this country called England, and are fed up with how the people of England get treated by the Government and its invading leader Gordon “one eyed idiot” Brown, you should look into joining the CEP,Campaign for an English Parliament.

The people behind this cause are patriotic English People, from all walks of life, religions, races and sexualities, they are fighting through their campaign for an English Parliament, just like the other nations in the UK have the privilege to govern them in the forms of assemblies and devolved Parliaments.

We are fed up of being treated as second class citizens in an union of countries where we are the biggest and give the current and future Governments the majority vote, seeing we have the biggest population.

The Campaign for an English Parliament

The Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP) is proud to call itself a grass-roots campaign. We have no corporate support, public funds or means of income outside that which is received by members’ donations or membership subscription.

If you support our cause then please consider supporting the campaign by joining us.

The CEP was set up by six founder members in 1998. This was in response to the Devolution acts of that year when they realised the gross political and constitutional disadvantage to which the people of England would now be subjected.

They determined that the CEP would represent all the people of England, whatever their ethnicity or how they chose to identify themselves, who were legitimately living here and paying taxes to the British government.

The first meeting took place in London in June 1998 and members leafleted the three main British Political parties (Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative) at their conferences in the autumn of that year. The campaign was incorporated as a not-for-profit company in September 1998 and is not affiliated to any political party. We have on our National Council members and ex-members of the Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP and Conservative Parties.

The quarterly members’ newsletter “Think of England” was started in summer 1999 and in June 2000 about 50 members lobbied their MPs at the Houses of Parliament. In the autumn of 2003 the CEP mounted a “Parliament or Partition” conference in London, attended by about 300 people, addressed by Simon Hughes MP and UKIP’s Nigel Farrage. The “Parliament or Petition” conference was in response to the government’s intention to hold referenda on devolution to Regional Assemblies. We opposed this on a number of grounds but principally because it would have destroyed the ancient political unity of England as a country, destroyed our shire system of local government and withdrawn power from English local authorities.

In 2004 the CEP participated in the English Constitutional Convention, an ambitious project which we hoped would be the launch pad to a frank and open debate on the way that England should be governed.

2008 saw the CEP’s second major conference “The Future of England”, addressed by Simon Lee, Simon Hughes MP (who kindly stood in for Frank Field at the last minute) and Canon Kenyon Wright, convener of the Scottish Constitutional Convention.

In 2009 the CEP co-sponsored a lively debate at the Convention on Modern Liberty involving Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Paul Kingsnorth, Gerry Hassan and Gareth Young.

Over the years the CEP have held four meetings in the House of Commons; we have had letters and articles all over the media, and appeared on radio and TV; members have addressed numerous schools, political associations and party conferences; we have produced booklets – leafleted to the public in town centers, at county shows and at sporting events – and papers, some of which were sent to every MP and Peer; Mike Knowles, our former Chair, has appeared before the HoC Justice Committee, and; we have sent out countless press releases and written many more online articles.

With most of the British Political Class and Establishment set against us, ours may seem like a thankless task. But in the name of England and in the name of Democracy we continue, and we ask not for your thanks but for your solidarity and support.


They have stories from all politics that affect England as a nation, Blogs by fellow patriots, lots of information.

Please Join us in the fight for a better ENGLAND.


About englishwarrior

I am and Englishman who is fed up with the way the Government and others treats the people of England

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